Data Pet

Graduation project at Design Academy Eindhoven

My Role

Concept Development, User Research, UI/UX, Prototyping, Video


Virtual pet as a data monitoring tool on Facebook

Data pet – virtual pet with the persona of your Facebook data – is designed to offer transparency tool for Facebook users to keep track of how personal data is being monetized by advertisers. By treating data as a virtual pet, data becomes more tangible and accessible for users to have an ability to monitor its usage in data profit loop.

Keywords: Data Ownership, Target Ads, Gamification


Lack of transparency about personal data collection on Facebook

This project is initiated by looking at how blurry it is for Facebook users to know how their personal data is being collected and used by Facebook and advertisers. Facebook earns profit by targeting advertisements based on user’s personal data such as profile information, browsing activities and behaviors. The advertising revenue is growing every year. But in this profit loop, Facebook users have lack of information and ability to know how their data is monetized.


Facebook users feel discomfort about too well targeted ads

All the personal information we’ve freely given up to Facebook has been used for personalized target ads. According to the survey from Pew Research, which surveyed 963 adult Facebook users, found that 51 percent are uncomfortable with the social network's practice of sorting users into categories for advertising purposes.


• Enhance the emotional pitfalls about target ads&data ownership

• Create intuitive design solutions.

User Research

To understand what kinds of emotional values are in common, I collected 20 survey responses. Below is the summary of the results. Most of users are aware about the data collection from Facebook. But it’s not easy for them to stop using it because of study or work related networks. 



Gamification of personal data 

• Emotion as intuitive notification

Data pet analyzed the user’s browsing behavior on Facebook and alerts the estimated economic value based on the average market price. Through Data Pet, user can keep track of personal data usuage and inspect the reason behind the targeted ads.


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